Friday, July 31, 2009

Microsoft® Access® Software Details

Access 1.0 for DOS. This is not really a database program, but communications software. Available in 5.25" only. Retail sleeve 0785 Part No. 066-099-005. System Requirements: 256K memory, DOS 2.0 or higher, two double-sided disk drives or one hard disk, asynchronous communications adapter, modem. Includes three 360K 5.25" diskettes plus the following printed materials:License Agreement envelope (holds diskettes): Part No. 999-999-875Custom Menu Developer's Kit Order Card, 0885 Part No. 066-099-016Registration card, 0984 Part No. 999-999-886Microsoft products catalog, 1284 Part No. 999-999-888Promotional materials from: Dow Jones News/Retrieval, OAG Electronic Edition, MCI Mail, Western Union EasyLink Service, CompuServe, and NewsNetManuals:Quick Reference Guide, 24 pages, Document No. 990660005-100-R00-0685, Part No. 066-099-012Three ring binder, loose-leaf manual, 427 pages, Document Number: 990660004-101-R01-1285, Part Number: 066-099-029
1.Access 1.0 2.Access 1.1 3. Access 2.x(Office 4.x) 4. Access 95 (Office 95)
5. Access 97 (Office 97) 6. Access 2000 (Office 2000) 7. Access 2002 (Office XP)

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